Director & Agent

bree brown

When I knew exactly what my WHY was it was then I created and established BB Realty Central Coast. I wanted to be that change that people loved. The refreshing experience they never had before. This is why I want to help you and take you through the experience I developed. Bringing fresh air into the central coast. 
I'm excited to have the chance to work with you!

I always knew there was something about realestate and helping people that I loved. For 5 years in the industry I helped people day in and day out with renter, selling, buying or Investing finding tenants. I started because my parents rented for 19 years of my life. I saw what they had to go through and I wanted to change that for others. 

my why

A buyer’s agent is designed to help you throughout the buying process. To make purchasing easier, value the property and be on your team and to help you investigate properties deeper than you would have before. Buyer’s agents can save you money as we do the negotiating for you, save you time on properties that might be overvalued & help you decide on a property that you won’t need to re-sell due to underlining issues once you move in. We are on your side and work for you throughout every step. Having experience in all areas of realestate, we have the knowledge to help you with all questions when purchasing if that's investing and needing information on the rental market or buying as an owner occupier.

We have a wide range of skills designed to help you throughout your realestate enquiries.

Why Hire us?

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We take the leap for you. We are the voice you want, the advice you need and the push you won't give yourself. Let's make your dream come true.



Teamwork has always been big for me. Whether that's within teammates or cliental it's about working together to get the best job and best outcome possible. We value everyone around us. "The nice thing about team work is we always have others on our side"

Our services are second to none. We value our clients and make sure the services are designed to be perfect for each individual. This is why we are the agents for you. We are guided by your dreams to make them come true.


our mission + values